Betty's 1936 Olympic Comeback

The following articles were printed in the Pointer Newspaper.

August 14, 1936

                             THE BACON
      In perhaps the greatest comeback effort in a year that has seen many athletes return to competition again, Elizabeth "Babe" Robinson, of Riverdale, once again ascended the winner's platform in the Olympic games at Berlin, last Sunday.
   Betty ran with the women's 400-meter relay team, taking care of the third position and handing the baton to the fleet Missouri girl, Helen Stephens, just as the German team's anchor runner dropped the baton to throw away a seven yard lead and disqualify the entry.
   Ascending the winner's platform with her three other team mates was no new sensation for Miss Robinson. In the Olympic games in Amsterdam in 1928, Betty became the first woman athlete and the first American woman to win an Olympic championship when she won the 100-meter dash in the fast time of 12 and 1/5 seconds, defeating the famous Canadian speedster, Fanny Rosefield. Betty's time in the 1928 games set a new world's record of the course 1/5 of a second faster than the previous time.
   The following is taken from Associated Press dispatches:
   WOMEN's 400 METER RELAY Won by United States (Harriet Bland, Annette Rogers, Betty Robinson, Helen Stephens( 46.9 seconds (betters Olympic record); Great Britain, 47.6 seconds; Canada, 47.8; third; Italy, 48.7, fourth; Holland, 48.8; fifth, Germany lost baton on last exchange and did not finish. 

September 4, 1936


Pay Fine Tribute to Betty
Robinson--Will Be Home
Next Week

Presented with Medal by Mayor La Guardia of New York--Broken
and Crushed She "Came Back"
and Won Again

   The following letter to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Robinson was received Wednesday from Mayor Kelly of Chicago, and will interest a multitude of Betty's friends:

September 2, 1936

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Robinson
3 East 138th Street
Riverdale, Illinois
Dear Friends:
   Through the courtesy of the Honorable F. H. LaGuardia, Mayor of the City of New York, I have been informed that your daughter will receive a commemorative medal tomorrow afternoon.
   I know that you will be interested in listening to the radio broadcast of these ceremonies. I am, therefore, sending you a copy of the telegram received from Mayor LaGuardia concerning the presentation.
   At this time, I want to express my appreciation of the honor that your daughter has brought to Chicago through participation in the Olympic games.

Sincerely yours,

1936 Sep 2, AM 4 27

NA 101 NL CB New York, N.Y.
Hon. Edw. J. Kelly,
   New York extends its hand in congratulations for the splendid part which your fellow townswomen  Miss Elizabeth Robinson played in the 1936 Olympic games. We are paying a well deserved tribute to her on Thursday, September 3, by presenting her with a commemorative medal of the City of New York. This program will be broadcast in your city from 3:30 to 4 p.m., Eastern daylight savings time. It occurs to me that you might wish to notify her friends and relatives so that they might share the joy of this occasion.


September 18, 1936

Betty Back on Job

Betty Robinson returned home last week.  After leaving New York the women's team went to Toronto, Canada, where Betty and her mates defeated the Dominion's best in one meet and then dropped the baton to lose the other.
   Betty was interviewed last week and is as yet undecided as to her future in athletics, but it was learned from authoritative sources that she is lending an attentive ear to professional offers. She declined to comment, however, and in the meantime will return to her duties in a loop office of a commercial art company.
   Fred L. Steers of the American Olympic Committee addressed a large gathering at the Elks Temple, Harvey, last Wednesday night and paid a fine tribute to Betty, who is held in the highest regard by the Olympic committee and the 600 athletes taking part.

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